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  C(考官):May I come in?(我能进来吗?)
  I(应聘者):Yes, please. Oh, you are Jin Li, aren’t you?(请进。哦,你是李劲吧?)
  C:Yes, I am. (对,我是。)
  I:Please sit here, on the sofa. ( 请坐。)
  C:Thank you. (谢谢。)
  Excuse me. Is this personnel department?(请问,这里是人力资源部吗?)
  Excuse me for interrupting you. I'm here for an interview as requested.(不好意思打搅了,我是依约来应聘的。)。
  Good morning/afternoon
  I:Your number and name, please.(请告知你的号码和名字。)
  C:My number is sixteen and my name is Zhixin Zhang.(我是16号,我叫张志新。)
  How did you come? A very heavy traffic?(你怎么来的?路上很堵吧?)
  :Yes, it was heavy but since I came here yesterday as a rehearsal, I figured out a direct bus line from my school to your company, and of course,I left my school very early so it doesn’t matter to me. (是的,很堵。但我昨天已经预先来过一次并且找到了一条从我们学校直达贵公司的公交路线,并且在今天提早从学校出发。因此,路上的拥堵并没有影响到我。)
  I:You are talking shop. How will you carry out marketing campaign if we hire you?(你很内行。如果我们雇用你的话,你打算如何开始你的市场工作?)
  C:Sorry, sir. I beg your pardon.(对不起,能重复一下吗?)
  I:I mean that how will you design your work if we hire you?(我的意思是如果我们决定录用你,你打算如何开展市场工作?)
  C:Thank you, sir. I’ll organize trade fair and symposium,prepare all marketing materials, and arrange appointments for our company with its business partners.(谢谢。我将组织贸易展销会和研讨会,预备所有营销材料,为公司及其商业伙伴安排见面会。)
  I:Do you know anything about this company?(你对本公司的情况了解吗?)
  C:Yes, a little. As you ××mentioned just now, yours is an America-invested company. As far as I know, ××Company is a world-famous company which produces cosmetics and skincare products. Your cosmetics and skincare products are very popular with women in all parts of the world.(是的,了解一点点。正如你刚才所提到的那样,贵公司是一家美资公司。据我所知,贵公司是一家世界闻名生产美容护肤品的公司。你们的美容护肤品深受世界各地妇女的欢迎。)
  在希望对方重复问题时,除了I beg your pardon.还可以用Would you please rephrase your sentence?的表达方式。
  如果面试者在面试时可以用一些类似:As you mentioned(正如您所说的)或者As far as I know(据我所知),表示你一直在认真听对方的谈话。此外,你还可以选择As it is shown in my resume(正如我的简历所提到的)或As my previous experience shows(如我之前的工作经验所示)之类的表达法。
  Case :
  Trading Company
  (The Central Trading Company put an ad in the newspaper as follows:
  We need English speaking men with 5 or more years of sales experience under the age of 35. Marketing knowledge helpful. Send resume ( English and Chinese)
  Mr. Yang who has been working for Da Xin Trading Company, applied for that work.. An interview was arranged between Mr. Yang and Mr. Miles, the sales manager)
  (M: Mr. Mile, Y: Mr. Yang)
  M: Please make yourself at home, smoke if you like.
  Y: Thank you.
  M: To start with, may I ask why you are interested in working at our company?
  Y: First, you have an impressive growth record, even since Mr. Peter Mitchell founded the company 35 years ago. Second, marketing is obviously very important for you and I will have a great deal to learn from and contribute to your company.
  M: Very well. You are now with Da Xin Company, What is your chief responsibility there?
  Y: I am in charge of organizing trade conferences for distributors held in different parts of the nation almost every mouth.
  M: You may ask questions about us, if you have any.
  Y: Sure, What would my job entail?
  M: You would report to me with regard to all marketing activities for a new line of our products we will be launching here in the fall. During the initial period, it will involve a lot of work and you may be called in on weekend too. What salary would you expect to get?
  Y: Well, I would expect the standard rate of pay at your company for a person with my experience and educational background. Incidentally, I made one million not including a bonus last year.
  M: OK, you will be hearing from us within ten days.
  Y: Thank you.
  A:Good morning. Im Lydia Shen, the manager of the company. Whats your name please?
  B:How do you do, Miss Shen. My name is Penny Zhao. And Im coming for your advertisement for a trainee salesperson.
  A:How do you do, Penny? Well, for this job, we need people to work hard. Do you think youre suitable for this kind of job?
  B:Oh, yes, I think so.
  A:Ok. Please talk something about yourself or introduce yourself.
  A:早上好。我是Lydia Shen,这个公司的经理。你叫什么名字。



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