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In 1915 Einstein made a trip to Gottingen to give some lectures at the invitation of the mathematical physicist David Hilbert. He was particularly eager-too eager, it would turn ---62--- - to explain all the intricacies of relativity to him. The visit was a triumph, and he said to a friend excitedly, "I was able to ---63--- Hilbert of the general theory of relativity."

---64--- all of Einstein's personal turmoil(焦躁) at the time, a new scientific anxiety was about to ---65---. He was struggling to find the right equations that would ---66--- his new concept of gravity, ---67--- that would define how objects move ---68--- space and how space is curved by objects. By the end of the summer, he ---69--- the mathernatical approach he had been ---70--- for almost three years was flawed. And now there was a ---71--- pressure. Einstein discovered to his  ---72--- that Hilbert had taken what he had learped from Einstein's lectures and was racing to come up ---73--- the correct equations first.

It was an enormously comlex task. Although Einstein was the better physicist, Hilbert was the better mateematician. So in October 1915 Einstein ---74---himself into a month-long frantic endeavor in ---75--- he returned to an earlier mathematical strategy and wrestled with equations, proofs, corrections and updates that he ---76--- to give as lectures to Berlin's Prussian Academy of Sciences on foru ---77--- Thursdays.

His first lecture was delivered on Now.4.1915,and it explained his new approach,---78--- he admitted he did not yet have the precise mathematical for mulation of it. Einstein also took time off from ---79--- revising his equations to engage in an awkward fandango(方丹戈双人舞)with his competitor Hilbert. Worried ---80--- being scooped(抢走),he sent Hilbert a copy of his Nov.4 lecture."I am ---81--- to know whether you will take kindly to this new solution."Einstein noted with a touch of defensiveness.

C 62. A) up  B) over  C) out  D)off

考词组turn out,表示出现,产生的意思

A 63. A) convince B) counsel  C) persuade  D) preach


C 64. A) above  B) around  C) amid  D) along

Above表示在之上,around表示在周围,amid表示在之中,along表示沿着。,此处关键理解at the time表示当时的意思,从后面的的struggling,flaw等单词我们都能知道这里应该是在Einstein所有的个人焦躁之中。

B 65. A) emit B) emerge  C) submit  D) submerge


C 66. A) imitate B) ignite C) describe D) ascribe


A 67. A) ones B) those C) all D) none


D 68. A) into B) beyond C) among D) through


A 69. A) resolved B) realized C) accepted D) assured

Resolved下决心,realize表示意识,accept表示接受,assured保证,assure sb of sth。要选择表示心理活动范围的词,在AB中选,根据句意,只能选择表示意识的单词。

A 70. A) pursuing B) protecting C) contesting D) contending


D 71. A) complex B) compatible C) comparative D) competitive

选项押头韵。Complex表示复杂的,compatible表示兼容的,comparative表示相比较而言,competitive表示竞争的。根据后句所说的was racing to可以推出此句应该选择表示竞争的单词。

B 72. A) humor B) horror C) excitement D) extinction


C 73. A) to B) for C) with D) against

Come up with,固定搭配,表示提出的意思,come up against表示遇见的意思,come up to表示达到,符合的意思。

A 74. A) threw B) thrust C) huddled D) hopped

throw,扔;thrust,用尖锐的东西刺;huddle,挤作一团;hop,跳。Threw oneself into表示投身于,积极从事,thrust oneself into表示强行闯入,探听。

D 75. A) how B) that C) what D) which

看哪个词既能做in的宾语,又能做先行词,只能是in which.而in that表示因为的意思。

C 76. A) dashed B) darted C) rushed D) reeled


A 77. A) successive B) progressive C) extensive D) repetitive


C 78. A) so B) since C) though D) because


D 79. A) casually B) coarsely C) violently D) furiously


B 80. A) after B) about C) on D) in

除了worry about,其余介词和worry都没有搭配关系。

A 81. A) curious B) conscious C) ambitious D) ambiguous




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