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Passage 14

Attention to detail is something everyone can and should do-especially in a tight job market. Bob Crossley, a human-resources expert notices this in the job applications that come cross his desk every day. “It’s amazing how many candidates eliminate themselves,” he says.

“Resumes arrive with stains. Some candidates don’t bother to spell the company’s name correctly. Once I see a mistake, I eliminate the candidate, ” Crossley concludes. If they cannot take of these details. “Why should we trust them with a job?”

Can we pay too much attention to detail? Perfectionists struggle over little things at the cost of something larger they work toward. “To keep from losing the forest for the trees,” says Charles Garfield, associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco, “we must constantly ask ourselves how the details we’re working on fit into the larger picture they don’t, we should drop them and move to something else.”

Garfield compares this process to his work as a computer scientist at NASA. “The Apollo II moon launch was slightly off-course 90 percent of the time,” says Garfield. “But a successful landing was still likely because we knew the exact coordinates of our goal. This allowed us to landing was still likely because we knew the exact coordinates of our goal. This allowed us to make adjustments as necessary.” Knowing where we want to go helps us judge the importance of every task we undertake.

Too often we believe what accounts for other’s success is some special secret or a lucky break. But rarely is success so mysterious. Again and again, we see that by doing little things within our grasp well, large rewards follow.

66. According to the passage, some job applicants were rejected________

A) because of their carelessness as shown in their failure to present a clean copy of a resume

B) because of their inadequate education as shown in their poor spelling in writing a resume

C) because they failed to give a detailed description of their background in their applications

D) because they eliminated their names from the applicants list themselves

67. The word “perfectionists” (Line 1, Para 3)refers to those who________

A) demand others to get everything absolutely right

B) know how to adjust their goals according to the circumstances

C) pay too much attention to details only to lose their major objectives

D) are capable of achieving perfect results in whatever they do

68. Which of the following is the author’s advice to the reader?

A) Although too much attention to details may be costly, they should not be overlooked

B) Don’t forget details when drawing pictures

C) Be aware of the importance of a task before undertaking it .

D) Careless applicants are not to be trusted.

69. The example of the Apollo II moon launch is given to illustrate that_______

A) minor mistakes can be ignored in achieving major objectives

B) failure is the mother of success

C) adjustments are the key to the successful completion of any work

D) keeping one’s goal in mind helps in deciding which details can be overlooked

70. The best title for this passage would be _________

A) Don’t Be a Perfectionist B) Importance of Adjustments

C) Details and Major Objectives D) Hard Work Plus Good Luck

Passage 14

每个人都可以,而且应该对细节加以注意——尤其是在供过于求的就业市场上,Bob Crossley是一名人力资源专家,他在每日放到桌上的就职申请中注意到了这一点。他说道:“有许多候选人自己把自己给淘汰了,其人数之多令人吃惊。”


我们对细节过分地注意会不会太过分呢?当然会。(67)完美主义者以自己工作的较大目标为代价在小事情上纠缠不休。“为几棵树而放弃了森林”,在圣弗朗西斯科的加州大学副教授Charles Garfield说,“我们必须不断地问自己,我们关注的细节怎样与更大的事业相吻合。如果不符合的话,就应该丢下它们,去做其他的事情。”




A) 是因为他们不够细心,这一点从他们送交的不够清洁的简历中可以看出

B) 是因为他们所受的教育不够,这一点从他们简历中糟糕的拼写中可以看出

C) 是因为他们在申请时没有详细描述他们的背景

D) 是因为他们自己把自己的名字从申请人名单中删除了


A) 要求别人绝对做好每一件事      B) 知道如何根据情况调整目标

C) 对细节过分关注,而忽略了主要目标  D) 无论做什么都能达到完美的效果


A) 虽然对细节过于关注可能代价过高,它们也不应被忽略

B) 画图时别忘了细节

C) 在从事一项任务之前要想清楚它的重要性

D) 不细心的申请者不会被信任


A) 在向主要目标进发时小错误可以忽略  B) 失败是成功之母

C) 调整是成功做好一切工作的关键

D) 在心里保持一个目标对于决定什么样的细节可以被忽略很有用


A) 别做完美主义者           B) 调整的重要性

C) 细节与主要目标           D) 努力工作加好运转自



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